Hello! If you’ve come to this blog, you probably know me, or at least of me. However, if you don’t, I’ll provide you with some minor details.

My name is Taylor and I am studying abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú in Lima, Perú – what a mouthful. I’ll be referring to the University as it’s commonly used acronym, PUCP, in further blogging.

As the title of this page suggests, I’ll let you all in on a little about me. The following is one of those super weird things that you occasionally see on Facebook that demands to know all this stuff about you so I figured it was perfect for this part of the blog.

Age: 20
Birthday: April 29, 1995
Relationship status: Single (not that it is anyone’s business, but hey)
Biggest fear: Basements and the dark
Dream Job: I just wanna pet dogs all day
Dream Car: Bumblebee in Transformers
Dream House: Small and in the country. Without a basement. In a well lit part of the country. 

Artist: Phillip Phillips (he’s so nice they named him twice. LAWL)
Movie: Zombieland
Song: I Lived– One Republic
TV series: Friends/ New Girl/ Game of Thrones
Animal: Dog
Book: Yes. All of them.
Color: Blue/Purple

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook
Snapchat or Instagram: Yep
Pandora or YouTube: Those are two different things. This is a dumb question
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Tea or Coffee: Both
Tacos or Pizza: Both
Winter or summer: Winter (though I actually prefer Spring)

Get married: Potentially
Have Kids: I prefer dog-children
Swim with sharks: Where do I sign up?
Daredevil Stunts: Probably not
Jump out of a Helicopter: With a parachute, yes

Back home in the United States, I attend McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. McKendree is my second home. I love it there and it broke my heart to leave for a semester, even though I was very aware of the adventure I would be embarking on. I am currently a double major in Occupational Therapy and Spanish with the intention to attend graduate school.


Beautiful picture of McKendree University as fall begins

I have known that I wanted to study abroad since I began my collegiate career. The decision to go to Perú, however, was not as easy. I initially wanted to go to New Zealand. Yet, once I discovered my passion for the Spanish language, my parents began encouraging me to look into a Spanish-speaking country. To be completely honest, the choice to go to Perú specifically was random and completely unfounded. I simply picked a Spanish-speaking country from a hat and my decision was made.

PUCP has 2 major qualities that McKendree doesn’t.

  1. PUCP is Spanish speaking (duh)
  2. PUCP is HUGE. And by huge, I mean nearly 100x larger than McKendree- huge.

These 2 distinct differences will only enhance my experiences. If I’m going to experience one major difference, I may as well experience two.

So, why did I want to study abroad?

Many of the students that I spoke to about their college experience said that the thing they regret the most is not studying abroad. Additionally, the opportunity to study abroad is unique. It is a very cost effective way to travel and you can go basically anywhere in the world, within reason of course. So in the end, the decision to study abroad was easy. In some ways, it was made for me by McKendree’s promotion of it and also the potential for personal growth that it holds.

Friends, Family, Loved Strangers: I hope you continue reading my blog and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for joining me From Lebanon to Lima.

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